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Shutters or Blinds?

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shutters cheshireShutters or Blinds?

If you live in the Cheshire Area and are deciding on a new type of window dressing for your home, there are many reasons why we at ETM Window Blinds think you should strongly consider shutters Cheshire.

  • Increased Kerb appeal

Not just a statement from the inside, plantation shutters bring a smart, contemporary look to the exterior of your home which will leave your neighbours wanting a similar look. What’s more, shutters have been known to increase the value of homes, so when you do come to sell, you’ll attract more buyers.

  • Increased privacy

Blinds are either open or closed, there’s no in between. Shutters, on the other hand, have the added advantage of providing a choice.  You can still have light without compromising on privacy. You tilt your slats for privacy at eye level and keep the light shining in from above.

  • Control of the Lightshutters cheshire

There is no other window dressing that gives you better light control than a shutter can. Shutter louvres can be angled enabling you to control how much light enters a room so that you can protect furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays. The shutters themselves are finished with an invisible UV protective layer, protecting the paint or wood stain finish from fading and prevents the panels from warping.

  • Improved insulation

Plantation shutters are built to the exact spec of your window, meaning unlike blinds, they’ll cover your whole window frame to the millimetre. For this reason, they’ve been proven to insulate windows, so you can rest easy your window dressing is cutting your heating bills and helping the environment.

  • Easy to clean

Shutters are low maintenance and are much easier to clean. With a regular wipe down, the remain dust mite free – a better solution for allergy sufferers.

  • Long Life Span

shutters cheshirePlantation shutters are built from natural wood and have a very long life span. Unlike other window dressings that need to be changed every few years, if looked after correctly shutters will last a long time.

So, if you live in the Cheshire area and are looking for window shutters – why not give the experts at ETM Window Blinds a call today  or pop into the showroom and see our extensive range of products as only a small proportion are displayed on the website. Find out more about our shutters Cheshire area here.



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