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Everything You Need to Know about Plantation Shutters Cheshire Area

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shutters cheshirePlantation Shutters Cheshire Area

If you’re thinking about buying plantation shutters, then you may be wondering which of the many styles you should opt for.  There are many factors that can influence your choice –the shape of the window, its size and the type of material you’d like to use.  ETM Window Blinds will help you make that decision.

Interior plantation shutters can bring an added sophistication to a room whether you opt to use them in a bathroom, a bedroom or other living space.  In the UK they are particularly popular in older builds where sash and bay windows can be found in abundance.  However they also bring contemporary chic to modern builds with their clean lines.

Full Height Plantation Shutters Cheshire Area

This form of shutter covers the full height of the window and is one of the most frequently bought plantation shutters available.  The shutters will add height to a room as it reflects the height and design of the window.  Panels when open will maximise the amount of natural light in a room.

There are many different panel configurations available so that you can find a design that is perfect for you.

Cafe Style Plantation Shutters

shutters cheshire

This style of shutter (as above) covers the bottom of the window leaving the top half exposed.  These can be a great option in rooms where there is a need for privacy in the day but still a need for natural light.  They are usually most effective on tall windows that are overlooked or face the street directly.  If you have a basement flat or a house that opens directly onto the kerbside this is a perfect design for you.

You can easily soften the look with curtains or blinds that compliment the colours and materials of your shutters.

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters

This style covers the full window but both halves can be opened independently of each other similar to a stable door.  This gives you complete control over how much light and privacy you have in a room depending on your mood.

Plantation Shutters for Special Shapes shutters cheshire

If you have a window that has an unusual shape, then your plantation shutters can be custom built to fit.  This can make a real centre piece in a room and change what may have been a very impractical shape into an attractive focal point.

No matter what your taste or practical requirements at ETM Window Blinds we’ll find you the perfect plantation shutters for your home.  Contact us today on 08000 787-581 or email us at and we’ll measure and fit your shutters to the highest standard.



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