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Create a new look with Vision Blinds

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At ETM Window Blinds  we have a fabulous range of quality blinds to choose from.  You can choose from traditional Venetian, roller or roman blinds.  Each one has its own advantages and lends itself to particular room settings and conditions as well as adding style and glamour to your living space.

However, if you are looking for something with a contemporary look then why not consider vision blinds.  You can instantly make over your windows and enjoy more control over the light that filters into the room.  Read on to find out how vision blinds could benefit you.

Fully Adjustable

Vision blinds are also known as ‘twist’ or ‘day and night’ blinds.  This is because the blind is structured using two sheets of fabric into which are woven translucent and opaque strips which can move independently of each other.  You can manipulate the strips to slide over one another to control the level of light allowed into a room so that they almost follow the path of the sun.

The blind is controlled using a cord which allows you to simply and easily reduce glare.  With a simple adjustment, you can either reduce or increase the level of sun in your room.

Beautifully Stylish

Not only do the blinds offer a practical solution to the glare of the sun, but they are also an attractive option which compliments a wide range of window sizes.  They are particularly effective in contemporary buildings and create a light, minimalist look.  You can choose vision blinds in a varied selection of colours which can be blended with your existing colour scheme.  For a truly eye-catching look opt for sheer fabrics with shimmering metallic detailing.  Or choose a more natural design with wood effect and understated tones.

A Clever Investment

These innovative blinds are cutting edge ensuring that your money will be well spent.  There is no need to invest in different blinds for each season as vision blinds provide a solution that will meet your needs throughout the year.  These gorgeous blinds will be the envy of your friends and family and will instantly inject new style and energy into a room.  Although contemporary in design the clean lines will add elegance to your home for many years to come.

At ETM (  we have an outstanding range of blinds for you to choose from.  Whether you want roller blinds, venetian blinds or our contemporary vision blinds we will have a style and design that meets with your needs. Contact us or call us today on 08000 787-581



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