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Blackout Blinds on Offer at ETM Window Blinds

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Here at ETM Window Blinds we have many different types of blinds, each with their own different benefits.  Blackout blinds are the ideal choice of blind if you want to keep the light out of your home, especially coming into the summer months when this can be a big problem for a lot of people. At ETM Window Blinds (  we currently have an offer of BUY 2 GET 1 FREE ON BLACKOUT ROLLERS.

There are many benefits to choosing these blinds for your home.

  • Improved Privacy

If you’re looking for the ultimate in privacy, whether it’s for your bathroom or bedroom, blackout blinds are a great choice. As well as preventing light entering a room, they’re also highly effective at stopping the light from your property being seen outside, so are ideal for use in bathrooms and bedrooms, as well as other areas of your home that you want to keep private.

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  • Encouragring Good Sleeping Schedules for Children

Every parent knows that their lie-in only lasts as long their children will allow it.  If you have small children prone to waking up at the very first light you may want to invest in some blackout blinds for their bedrooms – especially if they have east-facing windows where the sunrise will be brightest.  As the summer sun rises earlier and earlier it can be hard to keep your children on a regular sleeping schedule.

Not only will blackout blinds help your children sleep in during the summer, they will also help your little ones with their daily naps. Blackout blinds can help to keep the nursery room dark and cool so that your little one can drift off peacefully and be well rested.

  • A Good Nights Sleep

For those who are sensitive to light and cannot sleep with natural light coming through their windows it can be beneficial to install blackout blinds.  If you want to avoid waking too early in the summer and have a lie in, or if you work late shifts and need to sleep during the day, you can do so with blackout blinds. They will block out the light that is keeping you from getting the rest that you need.

Blackout blinds can also be useful at night for blocking out unwanted light from street lamps, flashing traffic lights and passing cars’ headlights. The darker your room is at night, the sounder your sleep will be – and you’ll wake up more rested in the morning.

  • Insulation

As with all window coverings, blackout blinds make great insulators, and can really help to keep your home warmer in winter. And as well as being effective insulators in the winter, they can also help to keep a room cooler in the summer.

  • Reduce Sun Fading

Blackout blinds will not only help you sleep better and have more privacy but can also help prevent sun fade on any textiles in your house.  Sunlight will fade the colours and make the fabric brittle. Blackout blinds will help keep your carpet, upholstery and other textiles from being damaged by excess sunlight.

At ETM Window Blinds we will ensure that you choose the most appropriate blind for your needs.  Our service includes measure and fitting of the blinds.  So, if Blackout Blinds could help you why not take advantage of our current offer Buy 2 Blackout Rollers and get 1 Free!  To see our full range of blinds and get expert advice pop into our showroom or give the team a call on 08000 787 581 today.



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