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Looking for Vision Blinds in Cheshire?

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vision blinds in CheshireVision Blinds

At ETM Window Blinds  we provide a wide range of Vision Blinds in the Cheshire area which are designed to give you control of natural light entering your home.  As sheer fabrics are used, Vision Blinds don’t dominate the room and allow light to penetrate the fabric.

This modern window covering design is so effective at light control and features opaque and translucent fabric which is layered in strips.  This innovative blind allows the top layer to move independently of the inside layer with the strips of fabric glide between each other to an open and closed position.  The result is optimum light and total privacy control.

These blinds are an elegant addition to the interior design of any home.  In the opaque-position you can benefit from a beautiful block of fabric at the window that offers complete privacy and will limit glare on very bright sunny days. The translucent-opaque position however lets in more natural light and creates a gorgeous striped effect on the fabric.  However, when these blinds are positioned open you’ll benefit from the maximum amount of natural light your home can command.  They are particularly suitable for conservatories as in the Sorrento Sahara – Day to Night Blind pictured to the blinds cheshire

At ETM Window Blinds we have a stunning range of Vision Blinds to choose from, so contact us today on 07894143349 to speak to one of your experienced team for further advise.



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